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Ken Ludwig's The Three Musketeers had its world premiere on December 6, 2006 at the world famous Bristol Old Vic, where it received ecstatic reviews. 

The year is 1625. Louis XIII is King of France but Cardinal Richelieu holds the real power.

In Gascony, a young man dreams of becoming one of the King's Guards, a Musketeer. Determined to live his dream, D'Artagnan sets off for Paris with his little sister, Sabine, along for the adventure.

Before they ever reach Paris, they're are embroiled in the fight between King and Cardinal. 

Can D'Artagnan survive the schemes of the dastardly Rochefort and cunning Milady de Winter? Will he make friend with Athos, Porthos and Aramis? Will he and his sister foil the Cardinal's wicked plan to have the Queen executed for Treason?

Will he fulfil his dream and stand with the other Musketeers to cry, 'One for All and All for One? 

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